Our Mission

  1. To embraces the apostolic mission in communion with the Church, with prayer that the heart of each sister and that of all peoples may be flooded with light, so that everyone can understand with confidence the hope that the Lord gives to us, especially in time of need.
  2. To restore hope among the people of God in the various challenging human circumstances following the example of St. Francis of Assisi
  3. To participate in the ministry of evangelization with an attitude of hospitality in Centers for the elderly, parishes, families, hospitals, schools, orphanages, pastoral counselling centres, considering the needs of the Local church and beyond following the diocesan pastoral guidelines and the norms of the Universal law of the Church.
  4. To collaborate in the mission of the Local church of our foundation and elsewhere in the world so as to bear witness to the message of Hope and of the love of God.
  5. To serve in various ministries of the Association. Whereas, assignments are made, while considering the talents and suitability of the Sisters for the specific tasks.

We accept functions and offices outside the Association only upon receiving express permission from the General Association Leader.