Prayer Life

The Lord Jesus who calls to himself those whom He loved, teaches us in our pursuit of perfection through religious profession, to pray without becoming weary, for we have received in us the spirit of adoption so that we can constantly praise and glorify the Father, the same way Christ intercedes for us at the right hand of God.

By our religious profession in the example of St. Francis and St. Clare who persevered in spirit of prayer and devotion, we are bound to praise, adore and thank God assiduously so as to remain steadfast in God’s presence at all times.

We choose prayer as the supreme rule of life as we follow Christ by our religious profession and we dedicate ourselves to contemplation of divine things in fidelity to the Gospel and provisions of our Statutes.

In union with the Catholic Church, we participate in the daily celebration of the Eucharistic sacrifice, taking it as the essential event each day, as well as, the source and summit of our religious consecration, fraternal communion and mission.

The Eucharist is the primary way in which we celebrate the continuing Incarnation of Christ in the world and sign of His presence among us and His continuing role for the salvation of our souls.

We adhere to the call of St. Francis to live a life of greatest reverence and honour for the most Holy Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ in whom everything in heaven and everything on earth are propitiated and reconciled to almighty God by adoration and frequent visits to the Blessed Sacrament as we express our prayerful love for Christ our saviour and redeemer.

We participate daily in the celebration of the Liturgy of the hours to sanctify the day with prayer as we offer praises to God in the name of the Church.

For our sanctification and in harmony with the Church, we observe faithfully the events of the Liturgical year, the seasons and feasts with proper disposition and appropriate preparation.

We turn to Mary our Mother of hope and good counsel, to imitate her faith-filled life, by celebrating with filial joy the Marian feasts and devotions. We particularly venerate with special honour the Virgin Mother of God through the prayer of the Rosary.

In honour of St. Francis, we joyfully celebrate the Franciscan feast days as stipulated in the Franciscan liturgical calendar.

Our Association, faithful to St. Francis who first called his brothers “Brothers of penance,” choose penance as testimony to the inner most change of our hearts and bring forth fruits worthy of penance and reconciliation. We commit ourselves to daily examination of conscience and approach the sacrament of penance frequently.

We strengthen our prayer life by; spiritual readings and study, daily meditation, monthly recollections, Annual retreats, spiritual direction, on-going formation, prayer of the Novenas, observing other special prayers of the Association.

Our Association keeps the bond of love with our departed Sisters by remembering them during our prayers, especially on the anniversary of their transition to God’s glory.